About This Website

The MiniMentors’ website allows you to chat to other children in your school, including those who have been trained as MiniMentors. MiniMentors have been trained in how they can look after everyone around them. They know ways of making children feel part of the school, and will ask if others are OK.

At school, you can ask to talk to them about any problems that you may have. Together, you can think of ways to make things better. On this site, you can ‘chat’ to a MiniMentor to do this same thing. If you have problems that are more serious, you can chat to a MiniMentors’ counsellor.

How We Keep You Safe

Looking after your safety is the most important thing to the MiniMentors’ team. We know that some of you might have big problems at home or at school. Sometimes, the staff at MiniMentors have to take action to help you if you tell us something very serious.

Keeping Things Private

If you chat to a MiniMentor or MiniMentors’ counsellor on this site, almost always what you have said will be kept private – just between the two of you.


Confidentiality is a big word which means that when you talk to a MiniMentor or MiniMentors’ counsellor, they will not tell everyone else what you have said. If they are very worried about you though, they might have to pass things on to a trusted adult who can help you.

Site Rules

There are rules on this website and they are here for your safety! Please make sure you have read and understood the rules before you start chatting or using the website. The rules also explains what action we will take if you break the rules.

Tell us what you think

Do you have any questions about MiniMentors? Do you have any ideas on new things for this site? If so, you could contact us! Why not tell one of the staff whilst you’re chatting on the site? Or you can contact us.