Parents and carers

It’s great news that your child has become a MiniMentor or is thinking about becoming one. Between the ages of 5-11, children are learning how to deal with many emotions and how to navigate friendships for the first time. The MiniMentors programme helps children learn how to: identify their feelings, understand ways of handling them, recognise the feelings of others and to build relationships.

There are ways in which you, as a parent or carer, can help in the development of all of these skills:

  • Understand that your child is learning about many emotions and may go through ups and downs whilst at school. Be ready to talk to them and help them through this.
  • Be proactive – if your child seems down, ask them if everything is OK. Support them as best you can through problems.
  • Be a good role model for your child. If we are going through problems, we should do our best to get support before we harm ourselves or others. Show your child that you follow this idea too.

This is just some general advice.

How do children benefit from becoming a MiniMentor?